Media Production

Podcast & Radio

End-to-end support with the production of podcasts & audio packaging.


Making sure that the project is ready on paper can help give your project a clear and realistic vision. We provide assistance with this – including planning & production logistics, scheduling, resource management, budgeting, prospective sponsorships & publishing networks.


Capturing audio from a variety of different sources is something we can help you with – always ensuring that it’s of of the highest standard.


Podcasts make money through sponsorship and advertisers. The right marketing & sales pitch is absolutely vital to ensure that that you are able to connect business advertisers to their target audiences through the podcast you run.


Editing takes time and is arguably the most important part of audio production -selecting, equalising, rendering, mixing and processing are all important parts of an effective audio packaging. We can make sure this is done both swiftly and professionally.

Great sound takes time….

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