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Keeping up…

In this day & age a website is just 1 aspect of a business – do you know where about’s your business is listed? Which platforms have you advertised with? Where do they stand in-relation to SEO? Is the business’s website listed too? Is the address correct? What about the phone number? Logo? Slogan? Opening Hours? Keywords? Descriptions? 

Online presence is the lifeblood of any business & with an ever-increasing number of apps, maps, search engines and social media sites, customers are searching for and talking about your business in more places than ever before.

How are you meant to do this whilst managing to run a business?

Did you know: that consistent information and regular social posting keeps you relevant in a google search?  This includes customers looking for you on google, whether it be using the search function, Tracing your google my business profile, or location-based and ‘near me’ searches – including maps and other adjacent online services, all of which tied in somewhat with each other…

While this is somewhat in-expensive in comparison (if you know what you’re doing), it can cost you in time and manpower. Plus without knowledge and experience, who knows what to do? Your posting must stay relevant and coherent, both to the brand and market you’re in….

And that’s changing for each platform too On average, there are 18 major platforms running in Australia, each carry their own different conventions when posting and publishing content. All of which affects your online presence in some way. 

Not to mention that these platforms are also always changing, updating and dropping off. 

Stay Found

Rather than paying for expensive pay-per-click or Search Engine Marketing, you could be using our service to keep your business appearing in an organic manner you could be gaining business from just utilising engagement.

Posting 1-2 times a week keeps you relevant within your region with algorithms such as google and bing. 

While you’re there just trying to work out where to start, we’re there for you. To help you be the best business possible, online at least – the rest is up to you. 

We aim to to ensure that your business has what it needs in order to stay relevant, online, where it counts.

So you can focus on making sure that things are running smoothly for them in the real world when they get to you. 

Daly Marketing Solutions are a Melbourne-based company that aim to provide affordable solutions for small-business owners in order to keep their business information appearing without spending a fortune. 

We aim to keep the business information correct, current, relevant and organically present. 

All this, without it costing you

an arm OR a leg!!!

With solutions starting at just $300 a month, we are able to provide you with a personalised service & provide you with education & personalised solutions for your subsides to support you thorough this hard time.

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